Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kids & Food

Children can not be held responsible for the habits they learn from their parents. I think with a busy lifestyle sometimes parents forget that their children look to them to learn the many necessary lessons in life... and the "do what I say, not what I do" attitiude is no way to be!

So many kids do not know what fruits and vegetables are... REALLY! They think french fries are a vegetable but some do not even know what REAL vegetable they are made from. UH OH!

The truth is that the children eat what they are served... yes, if your child is asking for soft drinks, chips, cookies, candies, etc... someone introduced those foods to them several times. Yes, they are easy to like and easy to buy but they lack nutritional value.... little to no vitamins and minerals, high in calories, and expensive.

TIPS/TRICKS for Healthy Eaters:

1- Make it fun; next time you visit the grocery store maybe let your child pick out a new fruit or vegetable to try! Pick an easy recipe and let your kids help cook... extra help in the kitchen and it teaches math and science in a fun new way!

2- Try Try again; ask your child to try at least one bite of all his/her foods with NO punishment if they do not like it... serve the new & unpopular food with a side item you know they like. In a week or two... serve it again! Try not to force the food... BUT when children see others enjoying the food and have multiple chances to try it... one day your little one may sneak a bite into that little mouth. :)

3- Kids will NOT starve themselves; Shop around the outter edges of the grocery store... this is where the BEST most Healthy foods are! Do not go down the chip and soft drink aisle! Now, when you make it home and your kidos are dissappointed with the food selection... give it time but be confident and calm... because when that lion in their tummy starts to roar, they will eat what they are served!

NOTE: We are all born with a cue that tells us when we are full... it is important to not force feed a child... if they are full, "ok". If they are full and want ice cream... "uh no, your dinner is still waiting on you." The "Clean Plate" approach is not the best strategy because it teaches us to ignore that hunger/full cue.

4- Textures; if your child does not like a food item... try to cook or prepare it in a different way. Try to steam your veggies instead! Sometimes we simply prefer foods because they are not mushy or crunchy. Don't be afraid to try new things!

Our diet impacts our well-being... a healthy diet will help your child to grow strong, stay healthy, and to fuel their day to learn and play! Try to be consistent whenever you make new changes in your childs routine and be sure that the other care givers are on the same page... this will reduce resistence to change... it typically takes about 2 weeks for children realize that you will not give in and to accept the changes so be strong!

Good Luck and Happy Eating!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kalyn's Kitchen

Check out Kalyn's Kitchen for some DELICIOUS recipes! ;P


My name is Whitney. I am a Pediatric Dietitian with a passion for educating patients and their families on their specialized diet needs. Diabetics... New Onset and/or Non-Compliant... Type I or II... Weight Loss... which I like to call Healthy Lifestyle Changes are my most popular educations!

I like to incorporate motivational interviewing techniques into my sessions to develop a reasonable plan for each unique family. Everyone is different and the is NO "One Size Fits All" plan in my line of work. My goal is to motivate you to move and make a few changes... little by little... to make a healthier lifestyle for you and your family!

Sorry... weight doesn't manifest overnight onto your body nor does it disappear with a magic remedy! Save your money and make some simple changes... you will be surprised at how much better you will feel and look! The best recipe for weight loss includes: Knowledge, Discipline, and Commitment.